AVIVA Moment 光合流年 AVIVA Moment 光合流年
郑重声明光合流年幸福瞬间频道所展示的作品均来自真实客人定制照片,并经由客户本人同意在光合流年唯一官方网站进行发表。未经允许不得转载或用于任何商业用途,违者必究!olemnly declare: AVIVA MOMENT photo channel works on display are from real guests customize photos, and agreed to by the customer himself at AVIVA MOMENT official website www.amroom.net be published. Without permission shall not be reproduced or used for any commercial purpose, rights reserved!
"光合流年的 Pre-wedding 风格,一个"非典型薇拉"风格的诞生。我们不拘泥于彩色或黑白,不拘泥于你笑或不笑,不拘泥于你是特写或背影,不拘泥于清晰或模糊。我们要为你留下的是那稍纵即逝的0.018秒.我们要为你留下 的是那最真实的幸福瞬间。光合流年,纪实幸福本朴典藏。刹那芳华,永恒回忆。" "Photosynthesis fleeting Pre-wedding style, an" atypical Vera 'style was born, we do not stick to a color or black and white, do not stick to you laugh or do not laugh, you're not stick close-up or back, not rigidly adhere to clear or fuzzy. we want is for you to leave that fleeting 0.018 seconds. we want is for you to leave that most real moment of happiness. photosynthetic fleeting happiness documentary collection of the Park. Chanafanghua, everlasting memories. "

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